Based on the historical milieu in the wonderful Old Town of Tallinn, our goal is to find the border between classic and modern cuisine, which makes the experience in Cru restaurant truly timeless.

The two interior halls have been renovated in keeping with the original design of the building from the 15th century and create an authentic late medieval atmosphere. The courtyard offers the opportunity to spend time in the quiet courtyard of the Old Town. Of course, the restaurant also has an excellent wine cellar where you can find the right wine for you.


The year was 2007, when Fred Ruubel accidentally became an assistant chef at the famous Lucca restaurant. That’s where his journey began. Fred has gained the most experience working under Michael Bhoola (restaurant Pegasus and restaurant Lucca) and Emmanuel Wille (restaurant Clazz). Fred has been able to hold the title of chef in several places, but the biggest achievement is Vihula manor, where the restaurant, lobby and tavern Kaval Ants of Vihula manor offered taste experiences under his leadership. There was catering for large events, concerts and weddings in Vihula manor. Fred has gone through Enterprise Estonia to represent Estonia in Paris, the Netherlands and Germany. (Fred highlights and characterizes these events).

Now is the time for Fred to return home – to Tallinn. Relying heavily on local ingredients, Restaurant CRU cannot be called Estonian cuisine, as so many percent of the ingredients belong to the tastes of the world. The menu is sometimes put together based on childhood memories, and forgotten recipes have been brought to life, adapted to today’s key.

Our chef invites you to have a pleasant time in Restaurant CRU, to experience good service and, above all, to have a good taste experience in the form of food.


Viru tn 8 ,Tallinn
10140 Eesti

Tel: +372 614 0085
Mob: +372 5363 3271 Noel Aasa


Monday – Thursday 17:00 – 23:00
Friday 17:00 – 00:00
Saturday 14:00 – 00:00
Sunday 14:00 – 23:00

Kitchen will close 1h before closing time 

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